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Culinary delight


Cooking with friends or family can be inspiring and a lot of fun, sharing the 'apéritif' together. You said local products? The famous Ardennes ham, game, cheeses, you name it! Of course while tasting one of the many delicious belgian Beers!





















Don't fancy cooking yourself? How about this: Birgit, our 'house-keeper', runs a traiteur service and brings the goodies to the house. Menu's, a buffet according to your wish, hot or cold, and when you want it. Or they cook in-house with or without service. Simple or gastronomic, but always a delight.

And no need to drive your car after the  meal!

Feel free to give her a ring to talk about possibilities. Birgit De Busscher: 0476/234.978 or 

Of course there are  many restaurants in the neighborhood. And yes, you can find your French fries in Houyet!


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